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Performance 360 Magazine Jeff Magee Edition


Professional PERFORMANCE Magazine is a business & entrepreneurship quarterly, featuring the brightest international minds in management, leadership, sales, relationships, and performance success and achievement.

Each article in the magazine has been written exclusively to you.

Written by entrepreneurs, leaders from business, politics, entertainment, sports, Fortune 500, religion, academia and power personalities who share their knowledge, experience and best-practices to help you on your path to accelerated success.

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Chief Phyliss Anderson, Bill Bartmann, Chester Cadeiux, Tom Calcagni, Jack Canfield, Dan Clark, Berny Dohrmann, Senator Howard Dean, Steve Epner, Garrett Gunderson, Mark Victor Hansen, Kent Healy, Cameron Johnson, Harvey Mackay, Jeffrey Magee, Pastor Joyce Meyer, Kevin Preston, Bob Proctor, Howard Putnam, Coach Nolan Richardson, Joe Sweeney, Jim Stovall, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley, Alan Weiss, Reesa Wolf, Zig Ziglar


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